What a beautiful day, day, day what a beautiful day! That's not my song title for the day but what's b e a utiful day!  It started with a super fit athletes breakfast of muesli, scrambled eggs with scottish salmon! Superb! Only trouble was it repeated for most the day! .... Anyway, not a great nights sleep last night, had a knee spasm that made me hit the roof! So I was a little jaded this morning, didn't feel great and not sure how the 80 odd miles would go. 

We started on roads parallel to loch lomond for about 8 miles, stunning but the road surface was made from old bits of cars so it was super bumpy, then a 4 mile climb, I wasn't feeling great! The next 20 miles had a few climbs and decents, still not feeling great, then we came to a climb that I can only describe as something from the tour de France.  I had my iPod playing and a tune by muse called resistance came on and I all of a sudden started blasting up this hill through a mountain pass, it was truly remarkable! Music is a big part of me and this song just changed my day! 

We stopped for a quick bite to eat close to the summit of the climb and admired the mind bogglin view! The next section was from this point  (rannoch moor) to Glencoe. 20 miles of the best cycling I have ever done, I smashed it up, the road, view and music all joined as one and I was loving it. We both said this was the highlight section, we just were flying. If any of you have been skiing in this region you will appreciate the beauty, i hope it doesn't sound like a scratched record, us going on about the scenery etc! But we have been blown away by it all. We are so glad we chose the routes we have, and not the main roads. Yes it's a tougher route, but so worth it. The last 25 miles pretty uneventful for me, my perfect section had just happened!


Finally, just a couple of things really, Martin looking gay on the beach at fort William and seeing Ben Nevis!

From starting tough, it's been my best day!!

Happy days. Nearly home time.

2/5/2011 03:38:44 am

Ian what a day you had, the experience, the scenery, getting to know yourself & Martin. Hope the knee gives you a better night sleep

2/5/2011 03:39:13 am

Now Baby Bro, was there any need to put that pic of Middle Bro on the blog???

Today sounds absolutely brill all round. I'm so pleased for you both that it is turning out the way it is. Enjoy these last few days - you'll soon be home!! xx

2/5/2011 03:47:07 am

When is Don dressed in bondage?

Me (Simon) again
2/5/2011 03:49:58 am

Darn iphone! that should read: Why is Don dressed in bondage?

2/5/2011 04:04:29 am


2/5/2011 06:03:51 am

I was just thinking what a difference it would have made for you if the weather had been wet & misty. I know that the wind has not usually been on your side but it has usually allowed you to see all the beautiful countryside that you have been passing through. Hope that the weather stays good for you. So far the forecast looks good for the next two days but some rain forecast for Thursday, but then who believes the forecasts anyway?

2/5/2011 06:06:58 am

I bet that music had you singing... wow! Often we have the best experiences after going through the worst just before that. It's brilliant that you're still upping your game and giving it your all. Your determination is really quite a powerful asset. Marvellous xx

Em again
2/5/2011 06:07:43 am

I 've always said Martin looks just like Bamp, but that's a great thing... look at Bamp now!

2/5/2011 06:41:03 am

Hehe funny foto!
I'm SO impressed. Knowing ur knee is dodgy n tired yet ur on fire. What a moment and I totally feel ya...perfect description of open road, scenery, music and sunshine...THAT is what hobbies do init.
For ur info and amusement, mario was out on the bike the other day, all going really well and lovin it until police stopped him coz he was riding on the FREAKING MOTORWAY!!!! can u believe it!!! (it's allowed in chile)
So all these memories are so worth the effort. Goodest luck for the home stretch ;)

2/5/2011 08:10:42 am

I am amazed how the music motivated you. May it continue to do so. I shouldn't be amazed how you continue with your knee problem but I am!

Bruce and Sheila
2/5/2011 06:08:47 pm

We want to know how naked these pics are gonna get? We're worried about your exposure to the Sun!!!!

3/5/2011 02:57:05 am

I'm amazed how you have kept going day after day. Well done what a fantastic experience and achievement. It's going to be an unbelievable emotion when you get to the end. Well done Ian


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