I started cycling in April 2010 after quitting my previous obsession, racing motorbikes.  Being someone who likes something to aim for, LEJOG was a natural challenge for me to to choose.

The picture shows me on my turbo trainer - which is an ingenious bit of kit which allows the torture training to carry on even when it is snowy and icy outside.

To date, my longest ride is 67 miles.  We will have to do a bit more than that every day for 14 consecutive days when we do the trip for real.

I live in Warwick with my lovely partner Wendy, and have 3 grown up children, Becky, Emily and Anna.

Oh by the way, I turned 50 this year, so this is probably my second mid-life crisis!



This is Ian and his latest addition!

I started road cycling in May 2010, although I have been riding on and off for most of my life,  having raced BMX in my youth and riding mountain bikes since.  I also needed a hobby / lifestyle change as my previous love of golf and racing cars no longer appeal (golf) or are financially viable (cars).

I am fortunate to be married to Natalie and have 3 children. Megan (10), Dylan (2) and Milly born 2 weeks ago, so family life is busy!
I am looking forward to the physical and mental challenge of LEJOG but not looking forward to being away from the family. A sacrifice for all!!

Oh by the way, I'm not 50!