Thought I'd break habit by putting a quick post up this morning.  I awoke at  6.30 to the sound of sheep baaing loudly - I thought news of Ian's attempted  Sheepocide has spread already.

I looked out of  the window and there was a grouse about 2 feet away (at eye level) resplendent  with red head feathers.

We've just had  breakfast looking out at the view in the pic.   Stunning. (JUst seen the pic isn't working, so I'll edit it in later).

Now please check the weather websites for Kirkby Stephen (our next stop).  Weather is good, but the wind is now forecast to be 20mph from the North East - right into us.  We have 84 miles to  go, but less climbing today - we did 5,335 feet of climbing yesterday.  More stats later.

28/4/2011 06:06:17 pm

What wonderful memories you are storing up, Martin. This blog will be a valuable record for you both in the future as well as a valuable link for the rest of us now. Have a good day. xx

28/4/2011 06:43:10 pm

We sing a song in our chorus. It is called "Irish blessing" and in it are the words "May the wind be always at your back". Pity it isn't working for you. Have a good day nevertheless.

29/4/2011 11:17:25 pm

great to think you have over a week behide you you have done great .bet the last few days will be like they are never ending ..good luck and hurry home xxxxxxxxxxxx


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