Yesterday I did my first Audax (a type of long distance cycling event) - the Snowdrop at Hartlebury.  I covered 77 miles which is my longest ever ride (67 was my previous highest).
It rained all night and was hammering down as I drove to the start.  I met Mike Wall from work (who plans to do the Gloucester to Telford leg of LEJoG with us) and around 100 of us set off at 9a.m.  The weather improved as the day went on, but by the end, we all looked as if we had been mountainbiking, being covered in mud and muck.

My plan was to take it steady and keep my Heart Rate around 120, but that all went out of the window as the ride progressed.  The adrenalin kicks in and you can't seem to help picking the pace up and chasing down people in front of you.  Surprisingly, I feel quite good today. 

This ride was quite like the way we plan to ride a LEJoG day - 77 miles with 2 cafe breaks.  The difference being we will have loaded panniers, the legs will mainly be hillier, and we have to do 14 in a row!  Unfortunately, Ian couldn't make it, but we hope to do a long ride together soon.
20/2/2011 06:00:42 pm

Well done, Bro. This is all extremely impressive.

What's the punchline for the sentence beginning - Unfortunately Ian....??


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