A 4am alarm call roused me from my slumber this morning, after a quick shower & grabbing phones, ipods & satnav, I was on my way to meet the intrepid cyclists.  Ahead was 576 miles and sat nav said 9hrs!  First contact came as I was filling the car 35 miles south of Glasgow, only 266 miles from home and I was doing my bit for global warming by draining 53 litres of BP's finest in short order.

The miles passed, some slow, some fast depending on traffic and opportunities for overtaking the ponderous lorries of the far north. Texts were exchanged, facebook updated as I took the odd comfort break, comments about locations / speed were noted!  As the time wore on it was clear that the Norris Bros were going for glory & could make the finish before I was there.  With them just 20 miles from the finish and stopping for bite to eat, I was 42 miles from the line.  Then I got my chance, the roads cleared of slow movers and I could make the most of the loud pedal over some glorious roads.  This could be the most drawn out race ever, starting 2 weeks ago but I eventually passed them with 7 miles to go due to Ian's little incident with his rear mech, without that they would have got me. My time was 8hrs 50 and the satnav says I averaged 65mph for 576 miles.  Then it was a simple wait, snap some pics, a bite to eat and back in the car for another 260 miles to our overnight stop! Currently I am shacked up in a nice place with a full belly and heavy eyelids!  As I put in my texts to friends when I got to the finish, it is a lovely drive but it's a #*c&king long way!  A huge well done to Martin & Ian, it's an awesome achievement.
6/5/2011 03:05:01 am

Thank you for going to all that effort for Martin and Ian.

6/5/2011 03:30:52 am

Rob, good man.
Hopefully without Martin there at the start to thwart your preparations you were able to bring all the kit you needed too.

7/5/2011 08:05:25 am

You're a star!!!!! Thanks Rob x

9/5/2011 07:30:37 am

Haa u r funny... what a friend, what a drive! Would u do it again?


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