Our stay in Dingwall was very pleasant, the b&b in my top 3 for this trip.  John and Eleanor were very natural hosts and very kind.  Their poodle was barking and we can't agree on it's name! 

Back to an athletes brekkie this morning that I couldn't finish, I felt bad for leaving it and hoped they didn't think that it was their cooking! Now I know a lot of you reading this will probably think I just typed a wrong sentence! Yes, I did leave food and I was allowed to leave the table!  So, for the future, if I'm full I'm going to leave it!!

We left at 9 am and took the scenic route out of Dingwall avoiding the A9, although for some reason I thought we were on the A9! Spanner!  The first 20 miles were nearly all up hill, not steep but a drag none the less.  We decided on a more tourist pace today so felt ok after the long climb. John at the b&b had told us of a beautiful place called Falls of shin, so after a slight detour (10 miles) we reached the falls, more of a rapid thing but nice anyway.  Apparently, the salmon jump up the falls, didnt see that or any grizzly bears!  After a rather nice lunch, if not a bit big, yes you guessed it, I left some of that, we asked for directions and off we went, back on track along some nice roads, the only problem was a cold, strong north easterly 20mph wind blowing straight into us. It makes the going very tough and saps the strength. More of the same for the last 30 miles, very tough going, was all about endurance and knuckling down to get the job done. We reached Helmsdale b&b both drained and aching.

Whilst riding today, I had a lot of time to think about things, mainly about home and my family. I truly am a Lucky man to have the parents I do and my brothers and sister that help and support me so much, I have loved spending 2 weeks with Bruv but also how much our trip has brought our family together, it has been great. But more than anything, I'm so grateful to Nats who has supported me whilst having the tough task of looking after the children. My love for them all has grown copious amounts, I've missed them so much and can't wait to get back to them Friday.

Tomorrow is the last day, 55 miles with a few tough hills but the end is very much in sight. Hopefully I can finish the task, something I'm sure a few didn't think I could.
It's amazing what the body can do! I'm hoping this is a kick start to a new healthier me!
I dedicate this trip to Natalie, my soul mate. X
Proud niece
4/5/2011 06:56:18 am

Uncle Ian, you star!
You've almost completed this mammoth task an exceeded expectations for sure.
Firstly, i can't believe you left food on you plate.
Secondly, I am stunned there was leftovers.
Finally, i'm dumbstruck that you couldn't finish your meals.
It's a new healthier you. A lust for life not lust for curry. It's awesome. Nat's done a remarkable job as single mum and supportive wife. I'm chuffed tis whole experience means so much to you.


Lots of love
Em xx

Still proud of Uncle Noz
4/5/2011 07:00:41 am

Well, there's no storm, only wind, else you'd be...


Gotta love THE DOORS!

Em xx

4/5/2011 07:21:28 am

in tears!

4/5/2011 07:42:22 am

enjoy your last day, take in every minute/mile one at a time and think of the whole journey, you have done really well IM PROUD of you. anyway fancy a spin on saturday morning???????

4/5/2011 08:19:49 am

Well done, sounds like a tough afternoon but only about 55 miles to go tomorrow. Unless of course there's a beauty spot within 2 hours ride of your route tomorrow!

4/5/2011 08:26:37 am

Well what can I say.... I think I've been your biggest fan but i am so incredibly proud of what you have achieved and how far you've come. I'm yet to truly believe you left food and on more than one occasion!

I've had many quiet and lonely evenings to reflect on what's important and can say that I am so lucky to have an amazing supportive husband and 2 lovely children. I can't wait to see you and give you a big hug (as long as you've showered!) I love you more than words can say and this time apart has only made us stronger!

As you said, my soul mate! XXX

4/5/2011 08:36:15 am

Fantastic achievement, read it with great interest - start mine on Saturday.

Dave and Alison
4/5/2011 08:54:42 am

What an amazing journey! Best of luck for the last leg......and looking forward to seeing you back in Woodcote Road, Martin.

4/5/2011 08:54:59 am

Another super but hard day under your belts. Well done not only the two of you but also to Nats & Wendy.
Savour your last day and we look forward to hearing more when you return home.

4/5/2011 04:05:37 pm

Yeah, well done. Now go "finish what you started".


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