I’m sat on the bed writing this blog with an Ice pack on my knee looking out the window loving the beautiful view. Today i have learnt a few things. No1, i needed to do more training, No2, my knee is shot and No3, The guy that wrote the End to end book with the route we are following is a Liar!

It has been a very tough day with my mind going through copious amounts of emotions. Text messages and voice memos from home have really helped, cuz on a few occasions i was losing the will to live!! The knee started troubling me after 20 miles and it drained a lot of confidence from me. The roads on the whole have been good but the hills have been hard all day and its seemed pretty much uphill from the start! We left Lands End about 10am and took B roads to Penzance where we met Paul. After about 3 miles we had a 20% hill that was a good test so early on! Paul had a Real Madrid shirt on with Zidane on the back, i must admit, he looks very much like him and of course Hank Marvin!

We have had a few rain showers today, not forecast but ho hum. Not really too much humour and funny sightings today as it was a head down and grind day. Tomorrow is even harder judging by the hill graphs so im looking forward to that as much as slamming bits in the patio door!

The B&B Penrose is fantastic and our room is great, luckily it was my turn for the double bed, ive hit the jackpot!! Off out for some nosh now.

Cherrrrioooo now

22/4/2011 09:07:47 am

As the great man says “pain is temporary, quiting lasts forever”.- lance armstrong keep up the good work


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