Less than 2 weeks to go now and time to start our final preparations.  Things for me are going pretty smoothly, which I know is a very dangerous thing to say.  I've probably peaked in terms of training mileage - I did 172 miles last week, including a day which looks very similar to our tough day 2 over Dartmoor.  It was 64 miles long and had 4,500 feet of climbing.  I have to say that I did feel rather nackered for the last 10 miles of that ride.

This week I'll probably manage about 130 miles and will reduce that further for the final week before the trip.  Then of course, we'll do around 500 miles a week for 2 weeks.

The fundraising has gone really well.  We have beaten our target of £1,000.  We'd like to thank everyone who has donated so far - people have been really generous.  I think we can get to £1,500 so that is our new target.

It looks as though Paul, our elder and better brother, will be joining us for some of the early stages which is good.  We'll do a final check of those who have said they'd like to ride with us and get that posted on here.

This weekend I hope to fit new tyres and give the bike a bit of a once-over.  Then it is into final prep - confirm with all B&Bs; copy routes into our Garmin GPS units; type out daily routes in case GPS fails; double check pannier contents and then get ready to go.

Fingers crossed that Ian's knee sorts itself out.

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