Overall progress has been pretty good since my last Blog post.  I've been doing around 100 miles per week which included a fairly hard 52 miles in very wet weather with Mike Wall from work one (not so fine) Saturday morning.  Having said that, I've not trained for 3 days so must get going over the weekend.

I've finally bought a rack to mount the panniers on and will get that sorted this weekend hopefully, then I can try riding with weight on the rear of the bike.  It'll make climbing harder, but we should go even faster downhill - but stopping will be more of a challenge.  Luckily, we've both just bought new and better brake sets.  Just as well really, if Ian's cartwheel off the bike not so long ago is anything to go by :)

Looks like we may have some company for some of the legs.  Paul our older brother (yep, even older than me) is probably going to do some of days 1 and or 2 in Cornwall.  Mike Wall (Fujitsu) and one of Ian's mates (I'll let him name names) plan to do the Gloucester to Telford leg with us, and Harvey Potts (Fujitsu) hopes to do the Telford to Leigh leg.  The more the merrier I say.

We are at 26% of our charity target - so its going a bit slower than I'd hoped, so if you are reading this, please get your hand in your pocket and donate on the Charity Page.

Next time I post, I should have tried a decent length ride with a loaded up bike.

4/3/2011 06:45:13 pm

Can I just point out that your 'Big Sis' (even older than all three of you!!) will definitely NOT be joining you on any of the legs - just in case anyone was wondering!!

I may pop over to Axbridge and catch up with you there...what date is that? Have I missed the actual dates of this momentous event?

Keep up the good work, both of you. xx


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