2011 is upon us and the time for talking is over! In 4 months we will be pounding the roads of our gracious nation! We have been talking about Lejog for a while and started training (ish) last year. Snow chains didnt fit my bike so riding was put on hold for a while, then out of the blue, my daughter Milly was born 2 weeks ago! So, training is a little hard at the moment but im using the turbo trainer with a sadistic training dvd called "The Sufferfest" about 3 times a week. I hope to do 35 miles saturday but who knows!  Nats (my better half) wants me to train so i dont croak it whilst doing Lejog and my son dylan (2) would like me not to "bump off my bike" So my incentives are clear, do not fall off or die!!
Planning is in full swing now and thanks to my big bruv who is booking the B&B's. This somewhat "epic" journey will test me mentally and physically and im looking forward to the challange, but above all, i'm looking forward to spending time with my big bruv whom ive looked up to since i can remember!

In the somewhat wise words of vinnie jones , its going to be emotional!

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