Last night we were both absolutely cream crackered but managed to summon up the energy to walk into Crediton for a curry. We were staying at a farmhouse (Great Park Farm) b&b and the owner told us there was a shortcut and town was only half a mile away over the fields. A mile and a half later we finally got into town.

The curry was very good and they gave us ice for Ian's knee (seems a fair swap). We got a taxi back!

The exertions of the day may not have helped, but with that and the curry, our room was like Blazing Saddles on Steroids.....

We had another excellent breakfast and then set off into the misty day. It was a steep climb out of Crediton but soon that was over and there were great descents into Tiverton. After 20 miles Ian got our first puncture but fixed it easily. We followed leafy lanes alongside rivers for a while and it was so different to yesterday.

Seems to me that the Cornish and Devonian road builders see a hill and build a road right over it, whilst Somerset folk see a hill and build a road along the bottom of it, preferably alongside a river.

We stopped for lunch after 40 miles in Taunton and we were both feeling good. Well, good is a relative term. All my leg muscles hurt and my backside feels as though it has been through a meat tenderiser several times. I used to think saddle soreness was a myth - but I know better now!

The picture shows the foot of the Mendips from about 2 miles from Axbridge where we are staying. The town is very pretty and we are looking forward to dinner with Christine (our sister) and husband Pete.

So we are back on a more even keel today after another 68 miles but much less climbing. I'm missing my lady Wendy even though I know how much pain she will put me through when she massages my aching limbs.

24/4/2011 06:36:06 am

Glad to hear today was an 'easier' day..
Although, pertaining to the detail in your blogs, sometimes less is more Pa!! I speak of the post-curry and the chafing talk.

Enjoying the pictures, try and get one with Nan and Bamps tomorrow :) - also send my love.

Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling. ~James E. Starrs

Much love being sent yours and Ians way

p.s a quote I feel you both are living by!

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”


24/4/2011 07:24:48 am

Pete and I really enjoyed our evening with you both. Hope you sleep well. xx

24/4/2011 09:23:05 am

Love & Miss you darling, soo soo proud! x x x (i'll try not to hurt you too much mwaa aaa aaaaa)


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