These vids have been taken on my Blackberry, so don't really do the subjects justice - still, better than nothing I guess.  In order they are:

1.  View from the Gourock to Helensburgh ferry.

2.  View from the bottom of the hill at Rannoch Moor.

2/5/2011 08:14:32 am

Like the videos. Commentator needs practice though.

2/5/2011 07:34:08 pm

Lovely views - can't comment on the commentaries as I don't have a sound card in my laptop here at work!! That will have to wait until I get home.

Have a great day today. xx

Lesley at no 30
3/5/2011 02:51:20 am

Know Crianlarich to Fort William well - am deep in envy at you being there. I suspect you will veer off east next - don't know that bit. Morar and Mallaig was my route from FW. Pitlochry is beautiful and Aviemore area. Enjoy - it's not far now.


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