Well that was a very, very hard day.  But before that, back to last night.  We all went to the Globe Inn in Lostwithiel (which I bet you didn’t know was the capital of Cornwall in the 13th Century).  It was busy but they fitted us in.  Paul kindly bought the dinners as part of his contribution to the event – but decided he’d knock my full pint of Kronenbourg all over the table. 

We had a decent meal and by then the Karaoke had started.  One guy decided to do several numbers – it was great as he had about as much musical ability as me, but he didn’t care and just kept cracking up laughing.

Ian did a very passable rendition of Hey Jude.  Paul and me were lightweights.

The Penrose was a great B&B – and Chris and Heidi the owners were really friendly and helpful. 

We set off just after 9am.  Paul nearly had 2 cleats moments within 10 minutes – for non-cyclists, this is when you don’t manage to get your clipped in shoes out of your pedals when you stop – and usually hit the deck whilst everyone laughs at you.

It was very, very hilly again – I think there are approximately zero flat roads in Cornwall – you are either going up or down a hill all the time.  The weather started a bit misty but was soon glorious and much hotter than yesterday.  Paul and I took a slight detour off the main road and the view was so pretty we stopped to take pics.

Around lunchtime we arrived at Tavistock which was 30 miles into our ride.  Paul was having some stomach problems, which we won’t go into. 

We set off for what we knew was probably the hardest half day of our ride.  We rode out of Tavistock and the road just goes on and on, up and up into Dartmoor.  At the top (well first plateau) I stopped and waited for Ian.  Paul went sailing on as he was on a roll and wanted to make progress towards Exeter where he had left his car.  I chatted to a walker and his wife and they took pics of Ian and I.  It was beautiful.

I set off again, leaving Ian to get a break.  I reached the summit and thought ah good, that is it done now.  But whilst there was then a lot of downhill, there was still a lot of nasty uphill sections as well.

Paul and I stopped in Moretonhampstead.  I think the locals thought we were nutters as I was showing Paul some stretches as his knee was sarting to give him grief.  A few miles later, Paul and I went separate ways and I was pleased there was only 8 miles to go to Crediton where we were staying.  What is this, a 20% hill...... and now a 17% hill, and ANOTHER ONE.  I nearly got off and walked but managed to stay the course and pulled up at the B&B very, very tired.

It must have been tough, because I sat in a cold water bath, thinking if this works for the pros it might help me!  I’m also noticing the beginning of some chafing, which Ive never had before.  Hopefully I’ll sort that out – otherwise dear readers, you will soon hear all about it.

We’re off to see if Crediton has a curry house in a bit – and if you see this blog tonight, it means the b&b has wireless internet, because my internet dongle has no reception here.

23/4/2011 08:00:38 am

Love the blog, and the photos. Well done for surviving two difficult days. See you both tomorrow.


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