Well after the lord mayor's show, today was always going to be a tough act to follow.

Our b&b was very nice with a good brekie, and our meal last evening was at the old railway station in spean bridge and was top draw, pasta dish with side order of veg and potato, we are super healthy!!

This morning was a little stressful as my wheels were looking a little square, so I tried to make better but ended making the rear one look like a traffic cone. The only way it would spin is if I took the brake pads out, so, out they came! No brakes!!!!! Livin on the edge!! We started a little later at 9.40 but went on our way. Martin stopped at the commando memorial, I tipped my hat in respect but cracked on. The first 15 miles went by without any drama, didn't have to use my brakes so that was good. We were still on the A82 (all yesterday and most of today) and it is by far the best road I have been on. I Guess in a car it could be frustrating but on a bike, nearly perfect. If the surface was good all the way it would be. We rode past Loch Lochy, they must have run out of names for that loch, there avin a laugh with that name! Still beautiful scenery of course, then we came to Loch Ness, very nice, highlight for me was 2 fighter jets ripping it just above the loch and tree line, amazing sight. 

The next stop was Urquhart castle which was.....an old castle.  We spoke to a couple from holland who are in a party of 25 land rovers on holiday. We have seen them on and off for the last 3 days. Lunch beckoned after 42 miles at a place called....scottish lesson with nozzer.. Repeat after me.... Drrrrrummm nee drockitttt! Nay bother!

Lunch wad served by Rab C. Victor Meldrew then the last 22 miles of the day that included a climb that "only the determined would complete".  Well yes it was a little nasty but it was certainly not as bad as I thought it would be, nowhere near as bad as some on Dartmoor, perhaps I'm fitter now and more able as well but it was good to get to the top none the less.  Martin was there waiting as he climbs quicker than me, perhaps he has a 3 stone advantage!!!! The last few miles had a few decents that had me hoping I wouldn't have to brake, luckily today, braking has been on a minimum. Happy days! We reached our nights b&b in Dingwall and I headed straight to the cycle shop in town. The shop is called Dryburgh cycles. Mark the proprietor was so helpful and couldn't do enough to help.. He straightened  my wheels, fixed the rear brake and even looked at martin's front wheel as well.  Customer service of the highest order.  Many thanks Mark, you've helped a no braked square wheeled cyclist on his way! Top man.
2 days to go, get in... Love to Nats, I miss you. 

3/5/2011 04:16:50 am

hi no-brakes, Why am i not surprised? you learnt to ride a bike that had no brakes, been there ,done that !!, must admit your tyres were always the right shape though! Not long now, your days are one great experience after another, love mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

3/5/2011 04:22:58 am

Your narrative had me on edge waiting to see if you would make it thru without rear brakes. Glad your wheel is now trued and you have brakes again. I can't wait to hear of your exploits tomorrow. Luv,

3/5/2011 04:58:24 am

I wasn't worried about you having no brakes because I seem to remember you scuffing your shoes if your brakes didn't work!!

You must be super fit now to climb up those hills. Enjoy your last two days in Scotland. xx

3/5/2011 05:14:16 am

Ian, you muppet!

You should have put your foot onto the tyre, that's what I used to do when I was eight.

When Libby heard what you were doing, she said you were having loads of sleep-overs!

Simon (again)
3/5/2011 05:34:53 am

Interesting how when you eat a good meal you ride well the next day... hmmm.

3/5/2011 05:49:28 am

Doh your blog.gripped me from the start by saying you had a square wheel and no brakes I was kind of hoping for some extravagant story about how you came across some sheep and couldn't stop so ploughed straight through and went A over T. Nem mind there's still two more days left. Evil I know but you have to admit it would have made for a better blog. Keep up the good work you have both done amazingly well.

3/5/2011 05:56:30 am

What the what?
No brakes miles away from anywhere on unknown roads... haaaaaa ha u crazy fool! Brakes are 4 losers I spose.
U always did have THE NEED FOR SPEED...
Those jets sound amazing. I'm sure you'll remember these days forever
And yes, you are super fit now!
Em x

dave naulls
3/5/2011 07:28:57 am

Alright strange ways, have you lost that saddle yet? and hows that japanise flag coming on!!!

Good to see your doing really well not long left keep it up.

All the best and see you soon lots and lots of love


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