Okay here are the stats as of the close of play today.  Our average speeds are much better now that the wind speeds are lower against us.  The forecast is that the wind will turn on Thursday!  Good job we're not cycling home .............. are we Rob???? 
3/5/2011 07:17:47 am

So which was your worst day overall and which was your best (so far!)?

Noz jnr
3/5/2011 07:37:24 am

Day 8 worst day, day 2 hardest, day 11 best

3/5/2011 08:17:01 am

Whilst you have been racing foreign landrovers, alongside Scottish lakes with limited stopping power between you I found that it was time to go back to work (if using my computer upstairs counts as work). I did manage to escape for a while at lunch time to do some cycling and it's good to catch up with your blogs at the end of the day. Now that I look forward to reading your blog at the end of the day once you get back home you'll have to write your book in episodes online so that we can tune in each day & see how that's going too.

3/5/2011 06:37:45 pm

LOVE the new aditions to the website!!

Rob the Driver
4/5/2011 12:12:30 am

Of course I'll be there, if there is an assortment of white cars and blue lights behind, you'll know I woke up late!

4/5/2011 06:50:08 am

You pros.... awesome riding. VEEEERY well done x


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