As Wendy will tell you, I am a real statto regarding anything I do.  Cycling of course is no exception.  Below is a pic of the PC screen showing our stats to date. 

This shows that the pre-estimates we had of the amount of climbing were all on the low side.  Also, our moving average speed is lower than expected.  Some of this will be because we are lightweight scrimshankers, but some of it will relate to the wind being against us every day so far.

Ok, now for the hardest job of the day - see if I can wake Ian up.
29/4/2011 05:18:04 pm

Well done you've conquered England and your over half way so it's all down hill from here (apart of cource from the bits that are actually uphill and the downhill bits that feel like uphill because of the wind!!)

29/4/2011 10:10:49 pm

In keeping with your song lyrics..

How many roads must a man walk (cycle) down (up in your case..) before you can call him a man?..

Lets answer that when you conquer Scotland! :p or when you stop with the stats!!!!

Yesterday sounded incredibly difficult, but well done to both of you for getting through it! Thats one hard day gone and in the past, hopefully today will be nicer on you.

I wrote this message yesterday but it wouldn't send, so my advice for hitting Scotland was stop to get some haggis, a bit of revenge for Ian after the run in with those sheep!

Keep on peddling, and that'll be another road that you have rode down.


29/4/2011 11:47:59 pm

Oh nooooo!!!! Not the graphs!!!


30/4/2011 03:34:26 am

Hmmm. I'm a bit worried if Anna has started the trend of comments having to be linked to a song title.......I'll have to give this some thought!!!


Maybe some of these CLIFF (just to wind you both up!) titles may be appropriate....

* Move It
* Travellin' Light
* In the Country
* From a Distance
* Miss you Nights

...and when you have completed LEJoG:

* Congratulations
* Daddy's Home

I could always email you both these tracks if you want to listen to them....



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