Today was very much a two edged sword for me. In cycling times, it was great and by far the best day so far. We both seem to have got our legs back and the route was very friendly for us. On the flip side, Nats and her family were at her Grandads funeral and wish i could have been there for support and to pay my respects.. 

We had a great stay at the Park Inn at Telford, had photo's with the manager and went on our way. 2 more of Martin's colleagues Steve and Harvey joined us for part of the day.  We went at a great pace and after a few miles, Martin and Harvey decided to cheat for 4 miles and be pulled by a tractor and trailer. My self and steve thought it was much more game to just pedal without any performance enhancing tractors! Actually, i was just gutted that i didnt think of it first!

Harvey turned back after 20 miles and we headed to our first stop at Whitchurch. I had noticed my front wheel had become out of true, must be all the pot holes,( the roads are just great!!!!) luckily, we rode past a bike shop that trued my wheel up as we had a sarnie in the caf up the road. As we went back to pick up the wheel, martin purchased some nearly cool shades, of course i told him they looked gay!

So we cracked on and steve decided to turn back after 30 miles, nice to ride with them both today. We met a family in Crediton that said they were from Bunbury on the A49, as luck would have it, right on our route. So piccies taken at Bunbury and a drink rest. A Co op van driver chatted to us and donated to our charity, a top fella. The weather turned cracking so a few layers were discarded and we decided to crack on the rest of the day. The roads were great, the weather was great and we both started to feel great. We were flying and right on it. When we were in warrington, the sat nav went a bit pete tong and we ended riding through the pedestrian shopping centre and nearly ended up down copious steps, however, were on the ball!
We found our hotel and chilled and relaxed and went down to have our nosh and watch the football. The combination of carbs and all sorts mean that gas was very much present! We managed to evacuate the bar area and watch the footie in peace.
Happy days!!

Cherrioooo now

Chris. (proud Big Sis)
27/4/2011 07:47:30 am

Glad the cycling went well today. You must both be very proud of all you are doing. I hope you have a successful Day 7. I'll be thinking of you both. xx

27/4/2011 08:04:35 am

Well done now get some rest tommorow is gunna be a tough one!!

27/4/2011 08:14:51 am

I just got back from a couple of days holiday with Anne in Bournemouth so I have caught up with the blog. Great progress, good to see that you are eating up the miles.

27/4/2011 08:19:29 am

well done on another successful day - been thinking of you both and hope tomorrow is another good day. Keep it up! Love and miss you so much XXX

27/4/2011 08:26:12 am

You watched the footie in peace... you've made a lot of effort to fake this trip just to watch TV in PEACE... Ha!

I want a close up shot of Mart's gay glasses please!

I'm so pleased the ride was brilliant today i'm sure the views and good weather are very inspiring.

Thinking of you every day.

Love Em xx

Lesley at no 30
28/4/2011 02:01:23 am

Finally re-located your blog address. You seem to be settling to the routine now - well done! It must have been physically punishing at first. Spoke to Wendy earlier onmade sure taht she is ok and not lacking company.
Keep up the good work!

28/4/2011 05:36:03 am

Just heard that you have successfully completed Day 7 - I'm mega impressed!!


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