It was great to finish yesterday with some spare time to relax, then a cracking meal with big sis and pete. Twas great to catch up with them both and talk of our war wounds and had an enjoyable meal. Luckily, the motel was only "5 minutes" away so we had a stroll back to stretch our weary legs. After a goods night rest day 4 awaited us. My bestest pal simon rode down from Bristol to meet us and ride with us for most of the day. Was good to see him and also ride with him, he is a triathlete you see so is really quite fit! Anyway, back to the day. A gentle few miles to Cheddar then a cracking ride through and up the gorge then a nice spin accross the mendips and past Chew lakes on roads i know well. It was a beautifull day and the views were tidy.  The lunch rendezvous at Mum and dads. Was great to catch up and we had a famous trained athlete's lunch. The first question mum asked was do you want a 3 or 4 egg omelete? Brilliant, i of course went for the 3 egg as my body is a temple.
After filling my face we got ready to leave for the afternoon stint. My bro in law warren and "auntie Debbie" came to ride the afternoon with us which was great. Mum and dad mason brought them so was great to see them both, after the piccies and general banter we were on our way. Dad decided to ride a few miles with us which was brill. So the afternoon 40 miles went by without to much trouble, apart from the wind which has been in our face from day 1, prevailing wind my arse!!!  I had a tough few miles in the middle but had a second wind about 10 miles from home, i guess i just couldnt wait to see Nats and my perfect kiddies. So after a great chicken stew, a night with my family. I'm all made up!
25/4/2011 07:02:50 am

was a very enjoyable day glad we could join you both, picture that finishing line its only getting closer!!!!!!

25/4/2011 07:22:07 am

I'm reading the blogs - with reference to Martins post. I look forward to reading them each night. Keep the humourous posts coming & enjoy the ride. Davina x

25/4/2011 07:32:16 am

enjoyable day :-) enjoyed the ride and have lots of respect!!! Love the blogs too! Keep going.... One day at a time .... Xxx

25/4/2011 09:02:34 am

Enjoying keeping in touch with what's happening via your blogs. For some reason it seems more relaxing reading the blogs from home than putting in the miles on the road!

Chris mentioned a sibling celebration meal which sounds like a good plan for some time after you've completed.

Rach and Chris
25/4/2011 05:12:44 pm

You pair of Flamin Gallahs!!!!!! What an adventure. Chris and I are enjoying reading the blog and have been following you each day. Of course it also helps Chris with his reminiscing of when he did the ride....apparently he reckons he could still do it now (whatever!)
Keep go (ing) past Telford, its not worth stopping!!! Good luck with the rest of it and keep up your nutritional plan, its obviously working wonders....
Love Sheila, Bruce and Skippy

Chris Green
26/4/2011 05:59:56 am

Keep up the good work.
Flags are out in Bunbury - is it for you guys or the wedding?

Simon Thorne
28/4/2011 06:57:47 am

It was a pleasure to meet up with Ian and Martin on Monday. I've dubbed them the "protein boys" on account of the amount of meat they consume. I witnessed the "results" of Ian's previous evening meal, in a cheap Somerset motel bathroom. I still wake in the middle of the night, crying with the shock! Mummy Norris' lunch meal was okay (omelette and veg). I had a problem with the garlic bread; I note both Ian and Martin omitted to say they had eaten!
The day was great and we had fine weather. It was fun to spend time with you both.

P.S. Ian: my name starts with a capital "S"!


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