I'm currently sat in Penzance after an uneventful drive south with the Norris Bros. Well, it was uneventful until we realised my bag is still in Warwick.  Much laughter was had by all, I'd probably not write much for my first blog entry as i'd read a book or tune into my ipod, however both of these are in said bag so I can drink red wine and blog instead.  

We made great time heading down as I think we got ahead of any caravaners and holidaymakers, I really have the easiest job possible for this epic that Martin & Ian are undertaking, driving to drop off & collect are minor compared to 1000miles of saddle time and unworthy of a blog but Martin insisted!    Tomorrow looks to be sunny again so I think I'll wait until Martin and Ian have been on the road for 10mins before setting out from Land's End with an ice cream and the aircon on in a comfy seat! The next entry from me will probably be from Scotland and involve haggis and the joys of having a change of clothes and some music! 

Good luck lads and if you get stuck give me a call!


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