Firstly, I'd like to wish Emma a happy birthday, hope it was fine and dandy.

Secondly, here's an idea, if your gonna make a cycle path/way, at least make the surface usable for bikes and not tanks!! Rant over!

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed our stay at the Old Schoolhouse b&b, it was cracking. Lovely pasta and apple and rhubarb crumble for dinner, get in!

Day 10 started as normal, although I did have brown toast, healthy me!  The difference with today's ride was that we were on a bit of tight deadline, we had to be at Gourock 65 miles away no later that 2.35 to catch the ferry across the Clyde to Helensburgh. So we had brekkie earlier and set off at 8.40.  We did the first 34 miles in 2 and a quarter hours so a good start. Then we head into the wind for the next 30 ish miles and quite a few hills, one registered 32% gradient, mega steep! We were going about 80% so it was hard work, it has been the only pressure we have put on ourselves all trip. We arrived at the ferry port with 20 minutes to spare so were well pleased with the effort put in. We were rewarded with views to die for, we both didn't expect how beautiful it was, we kind of expected docks and a bit of a dump! Nice to be wrong! 

We docked at Helensburgh and had a late sarnie for lunch. The last 21 miles took us along the A82, next to loch lomond. We rode past the golf course but couldn't see much, at the time we were on the stupid pre mentioned cycle path! We soon got back on the road and I have to say its one of the most scenic roads I have been on. We found our b&b in arrochar and settled for the evening. I have enjoyed today, a long day but good. The only thing that would have made it better, being able to share the beauty with nats and my children.
One day!!

1/5/2011 06:00:41 am

Emma and Gang have only just left after the family birthday 'do'. We all talked about how proud we are of you both and ate an extra slice of birthday cake in your honour!

I'm going to have to visit the Old Schoolhouse B&B one day. It has been my ambition to live in a converted Victorian school for many years and have looked at a couple (even put in an offer for one) but it's still at the dream stage!!

It sounds as if you are having such a memorable time - for so many different reasons. Only four more days to go and you will have achieved this mammoth dream.

Well done to you both.

PS - very surprised you haven't yet taken me up on the offer I made in my comment after Martin's stats blog!!!

1/5/2011 06:02:49 am

so glad to read your blog each day & see you are still alive!

1/5/2011 06:08:39 am

Martin says you are flying. Be careful not to wear him out! On Sat. I had a drive of 231 yds.not wind assisted or downhill my best for ages.
Hope you have your best day tomorrow.

1/5/2011 06:13:14 am

One day closer..... So proud of you and as Davina said, it's a joy to hear you're still alive! Love you x

1/5/2011 07:10:56 am

Sounds like you're storming across Scotland. Keep it up.

I notice from the photos that your hair is getting a bit long now, time for another cut?

1/5/2011 08:31:53 am

Ha ha, RIDE ON TIME. and u had 2 b on time for the ferry, classic! Thanks UNC.
I reckon there'll be nothing left of u soon, just a pair of cycling shorts, sweaty pants and cool shades, you're flying along, up down and around. IS it getting easier? Hope ur knee is ok.
Love Em xx

Rachael Aitchison
1/5/2011 06:20:19 pm

Hahaha, loving the song's all I can do to stop Chris breaking out into a dance....and we all know how that ends!
Good on ya mate...

1/5/2011 07:10:38 pm

Wish our projects went as well as your planning!

Bang on schedule!

Good luck for the last few days


Lesley at no 30
1/5/2011 09:33:08 pm

It will whiz by now as the scenery is truly stunning up there.Enjoy!

3/5/2011 06:40:09 pm

Never hesitate to hold out your hand


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