Ride like the wind! - Land's End to John O'Groats Charity Ride
What a difference a day makes! Think ive said that before, ho hum! A cracking nights sleep and then the usual athlete's breakfast, with added Haggis and Smiley faces potato! We checked the route and the weather forecast as normal, today's ride was 71 miles heading west then north west. The wind was strong but coming from the east, therefore wind behind. After coming round from fainting, we went on our way, after a little spoke tensioning on my wheel. So, the road beckoned. Well, we were flying, the first hour we did 17.2 miles and got to Dumfries in an hour and a half (26 miles). We decided to keep going. The scenery was very pleasant, we have been spoilt the last few days. We took a right turn and noticed quite a few cyclists, it turned out that we had barged our way onto a sportive route! We followed our and there route and came to a hill called "Dangerous Hill" Seeing other cyclists and that hill for martin is like showing me a curry or a red cape to a bull!!! So off he sped to try and "scalp" a few of the serious cyclists in their race! So a few miles down the road he was waiting and we left their race route. We thought we would stop at Drumlanrig castle for a late lunch. As luck would have it, it was the start and finish of the pre mentioned race, so as we looked like cyclists, we thought we would barge in the after race free food station and fill our faces, well it would be rude not  too!! So after filing the nosebag, on our way for the last 23 miles. Pretty uneventful really, was just really nice to have the wind behind. We  found our B&B which is called the Old School. It really is cracking and the owners are very helpful. So, tomorrow day 10 and a ferry ride! Cant wait.

PS.... We are singing loads as we ride and with these song blog titles, i am making a playlist for all the songs that we have sang or has meant something to us, im looking forward to doing this very much.

Cheeerrrriooooo now
30/4/2011 04:03:21

Ian you guy's don't just LOOK like cyclists!! you ARE true cyclists in every way!!!

Doing an awesome job! keep up the great work x

p.s If Nat feels anything like I do I bet she's so excited the week is getting shorter & shorter!! :-)

30/4/2011 04:05:41

Song title for today "Nice & Easy does it" or from our uptempo song "Goodbye heartache so long sorrow". Hope you have a great evening and as good a ride tomorrow.

30/4/2011 04:37:55

song title for tomorrow " ferry across the mersey" I know it's a different area but I'm sure no-one will notice!!! so glad your day was more enjoyable mum

30/4/2011 04:44:01

Well done guys sounds like you are really enjoying it now wish I could have joined you for the whole route. Maybe I'll start training for next year! Keep it up.

30/4/2011 05:37:41

Next year Warren???? That would have to be negotiable with me and well worth my while!!

Well done boys! Not long to go now. Wise words from Yazz 'The only way is up'!!

Love you long time Noz! X

Luce goose
30/4/2011 05:52:52

I love it....free food...ur a bloomin genius!!!
U guys are doing amaaaazing. Hav a goodun 2moro x

oldest niece
30/4/2011 06:56:40

Hey hey you Amazin Guy!
I can only imagine how hard but how brilliantly ur doing, cuz the longest I've ridden is an hour in my spinning class.
Can u put ur tracks on a CD and I'll buy it and listen to it whilst cycling in my duathlon.
As its MY BIRTHDAY can ur blog title be RIDE ON TIME cuz I loved Blackbox 20 yrs ago.... Bloomin eck.
I'm sure the rides been mentally tough but ur made of strong stuff.
Love u xxxx
P.s. blossom on trees is my fave view
Em x

30/4/2011 16:58:06

Ian, I think Nat was making a promise with her last comment?? That should keep you going to the end, eh?

Personally, I think you're both catching the bus after an hours riding... ;-)


sam and kyle
1/5/2011 05:31:00

Well done guys

im loving your blog and photos its fab

sounds like your enjoying it too,

will keep following your journey

all the best xxx

Rob the Driver
1/5/2011 05:44:08

All this talk of playists, I am thinking of putting one together for the drive up on Thurs so far I have:

500miles - The Proclaimers
Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads

Keep up the hard work and sandwich updates!



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