Finally got around to fitting the rack and panniers last night.  So my transformation from good looking road bike to old man style tourer is nearly complete :) 

If anyone is remotely interested, I've added the details regarding the rack and panniers to our "The Bikes" Page.

Training is till going pretty well.  I may even do my biggest weekly mileage ever this week.  I had a good ride last night.  I was following one of my usual decent rides and found a nice extension through Pillerton Priors and then a lovely quiet, narrow lane which meanders past the back of Walton Hall.  I even scalped a tandem along that road and frightened the life out of the lady stoker as I shouted "Good Evening" as I passed them. 

We have our full dress rehearsal planned for 27th March where we'll do a 70+ miler with fully loaded panniers, so hopefully that will identify any potential problems.  Less than 6 weeks now :)

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