Well training went pretty much out the window for a while - I seemed to acquire a stomach bug that kept me off the bike for far too long.  However I've been out riding for the last 2 evenings so it's good to be back in the saddle.

In other respects though, things are going very well.  All our routes have now been selected and mapped.  All our sleeping arrangements are also sorted.  We are in B&Bs most nights (all booked) as well as staying in the Park Inn Hotels at Telford and Leigh.  We are very lucky in that these nights at the Park Inns have been provided free of charge along with evening meals and breakfasts.  A really big thank you go to Lucja Leonard and Akan Tahsin the Telford and Leigh managers respectively. 

As can be seen on our web pages, we've raised £165 for charity so far which is pretty good with around 10 weeks still to go.  So all in all, we're doing okay - just need to ramp up the training.  I have a 75 mile audax planned for Saturday week which will be a good test!  After that, the panniers get stuck on the bike so I can get used to riding with the bike loaded up. 

Oh, and I've introduced a colour code so you can easily see which blog entries belong to who.  I'll be blue because I follow the superior football team in Bristol (although we are currently re-grouping at the bottom of Div 1, ready for an assault on the title).  No doubt Ian will be red because he supports the other mob.

All for now.. 

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