I thought it was time to check that I know how to get photos in this blog, as we plan to post quite a few when we are actually doing the trip. They aren't likely to win any awards as they will only be taken by my Blackberry or Ian's Iphone, but never mind. 
On the subject of photography, when I got back from my Saturday morning ride, Wendy sends me back out so that she could do her photography homework (she's doing evening classes).  She had to take shots of moving objects whilst blurring the background. 

I think she's made a good job of that - capturing me on my 1980's Raleigh Ace converted to a fixed gear.  It was very hard not to crack up laughing each time I went past her, but I managed it on this one.

Changing the subject a bit, I managed a 51 mile training ride on Sunday morning, riding to Banbury and back.  I tried to mimic the way we plan to ride on the trip, i.e. 2 hour blocks separated with a break and riding at a comfortable pace.  The first 20 miles was tough though, riding into a strong headwind and rain!  The return was much easier. 

Okay, it looks as if I know how to post pictures in this blog, so job done.  Snow permitting (that is the current forecast) I'll get a 75 miler under my belt next Saturday, my longest ever ride.  Wish me luck.
15/2/2011 04:16:21 am

Good picture, Wendy. You've made Martin look really impressive on his bike!!


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