Yesterday evening I drove to Exeter and then caught the train to Penzance. As the train speeded across Devon and Cornwall I realised that what was taking the train nearly 3 hours I would be cycling over the following 2 days. Martin called me in the morning and as I came out of my guest house I was surprised to find that Martin and Ian had been staying 3 doors away from where I stayed. 

I had a flat tyre so I fixed that and looked for a cycle shop to get a spare inner tube but it was shut, bank holiday! I met Martin and Ian on the sea front after they had cycled from lands end. We had a lovely ride through the cornish countryside even though the morning sun had turned to rain before we finished and the hill before Lostwithiel seemed to go on forever and just get steeper and steeper. It is great to spend some time with Martin and Ian. I am grateful they organised this ride and that they have let me join them for a couple of days. The full ride looks very daunting. They have my respect and best wishes.
22/4/2011 08:13:01 am

Well done to all 3 of my brothers! Keep safe. xx By the way, am I the only one who doesn't know who Zidane is?????


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