That was the most amazing day's riding I've ever had, and I can't see it being beaten any time soon.  

After another good night's sleep we got up and tried smoked salmon and scrambled eggs as a variant to our normal fare.  It was okay, but we'll be back to a proper athlete's breakfast tomorrow.  The B&B was fairly basic but had everything we needed and opposite is the view as we walked out the front door.

We set off at a steady pace and it was fairly flat for the first 12 miles.  The wind was also pretty slight most of the day so didn't hinder us much.  We stopped briefly at Crianlarich and then set off on a long, long climb taking us up to around 1,000 feet just past Tyndrum, which I thought was a Bowie Album, but is apparently a town in Scotland.

I'd forgotten that I'd planned our route to take advantage of an off road cycle track, but we decided to stay on the road as it was faster and more fun (although hillier).  There was then a fast descent where I stopped at the bottom to try and capture the breathtaking scenery of Rannoch Moor.

There followed a classic cycling climbing road.  I got stuck into this and then stopped at a vantage point halfway up.  Ian joined me and we had lunch together sat looking at the view and soaking up the experience.  I have to say it was a bit special and will stay in my memory for a long time. 

After an extended break - during which a gent and two ladies on a coach tour were chatting about our ride and the guy gave us a donation - thank you sir if you are reading this.

I'm not sure what Ian ate, but he was on fire after lunch.  We were making good progress and Ian was slowly leaving me in his wake - excellent.  We finished the climb and then there was a long fairly shallow descent where we were doing about 30mph for a few miles and then a steeper finish as we came down into Glen Coe.  We stopped briefly and 20 miles seemed to have gone in no time at all. 

Surprise, surprise, Glen Coe was also stunning (see pic).  I'm sorry if I'm getting a bit repetitive, but the whole trip has been full of beautiful scenery.

It was now my turn to get a dose of speed into my system and I felt great gunning it along the road, standing up and sprinting up the short hills.  The miles flew by and I pulled over to the side of the Loch Linnhe in Fort William.  Having nailed it hard, I thought I deserved a quick sunbathe so I went onto the pebble beach and took my top off and soaked up the sun for a while.  Ian arrived and laughed at how I looked - I suspect more of that later.  The pic shows the view on the beach.

We were nearly at our destination now, and we did the last 10 or so miles at a more touring pace, stopping to take pictures of Ben Nevis which towered above us.  We arrived at the Coire Glas and chatted to some Australians who had just walked up and down it, taking 2hrs 40 minutes up and about the same down.  Apparently part of it is on fire which shows how unseasonably dry and warm it has been.

We're about to wander into town for a meal, but that is another 88 miles under our belt and only 3 more days to go.

By the way, many thanks for all the comments - we love reading them.

2/5/2011 03:25:31

2/5/2011 03:27:15

Sorry, the previous comment is empty because I pressed something I shouldn't have - not because I couldn't think of anything to say!!

Just to say this is fab reading and I'm now verging on being envious....not about the bike ride of course, but about the great time you are having.

Have to go now - Pete is about to sponsor you!!

2/5/2011 03:36:03

Another good day, it's becoming a little repetitious!

Simon (again)
2/5/2011 03:44:38

Some alternative adjectives for your blog: beauteous, bonny, brilliant, comely, dazzling, devastating, excellent, fair, famous, fine, first-class, first-rate, gorgeous, great, handsome, heavenly, impressive, lovely, number one, out of this world, pretty, ravishing, remarkable, royal, sensational, smashing, spectacular, striking, superior, top, wonderful, absorbing, affecting, arresting, august, awe-inspiring, cool, dramatic, eloquent, excited, exciting, extraordinary, forcible, grand, important, imposing, inspiring, intense, lavish, luxurious, majestic, massive, momentous, monumental, moving, noble, notable, penetrating, profound, remarkable, rousing, splendid, stately, stirring, striking, sumptuous, superb, thrilling, touching, towering, vital. Hope this helps?

2/5/2011 04:01:49

Faster!! Faster!!! Roll on Friday ;-)


2/5/2011 06:12:03

I was almost on my way up to bed last night at 23:30 but came backdown as i'd forgotten to read your blog... bloomin eck it's lush, picturesque and i'm always eager to see your photos.

Thank you for writing your blog.

I'm so pleased you had a very special day.


Lucy loo
2/5/2011 06:34:46

I was mega shocked to see my uncles major tan lines haaha! Proves u've been out there in ur gear taring up the roads in the sun. I've been wanting to get on my bike too but keep forgetting I hav a sturdy baby bump in tut way!
I love that u n Ian are having such precious time together, even if it sounds gay haha. Ur doing amaaazen (proper brizzol accent for that ;)

2/5/2011 07:36:20

Well it seems to be getting better erery day. Hope it continues until the end of the ride.

3/5/2011 03:07:57

What a great day's cycling you had and the views in your photos are stunning.
Truely sounds a memorable experience. Got to say though that I had not thought of you looking like your dad until that picture Ian put up of you.


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