So day 7 is done, can't quite believe we are half way through. The weather today was super great stuff smashing!  We left a little earlier as we had over 80 miles and mountain goat tracks to get over. More of that later! 

We were going great guns, singing songs, seeing place names and changing them for comedy effect; i.e. we saw a place called Ince so I called it Paul etc dosnt really sound funny I know but we chuckled! The first 30 miles of stunning beauty travelling through the Ribble valley went by very quick. We stopped for lunch at a pub on the top of a hill called Spread Eagle, on the way to it I was singing I can see for miles by the Who, unbeknown to me, Martin was too. We had a cracking sarnie there and admired the view. I changed into my contact lenses which was a bad idea as they are knackered and full of salt, I then couldn't see for miles and miles, quite literally!! 

After 40 miles we approached the Yorkshire Dales where the hill work really ramped up; the first was about a 4 mile climb Waddington Fell about 1300 feet, that went surprisingly well.  At the top I changed back to my bins as not being able to see was a little dodgy especially as we had a 50 mph( nearly) descent to follow!  It was great and we would have gone much faster if we didn't have to brake(for the cattle grids). 

Still feeling good, lots of short but sharp and steep 15-20% hills that sapped my strength. Then we had the stunning Easington fell climb that was up one side of a deep valley, the road was about 7ft wide with no barriers, you could see the whole climb before you, I'm sure I will look back at that point many times in my life, yes it was hard but I actually really enjoyed it. Martin being fit as smashed it up the climb and waited for me, I could see his progress all the way up! Fair play! Then the descent! Started well, I had the 50 mph barrier I wanted to beat, unfortunately about a 3rd of the way down, a herd of about 8 sheep decided to peg it onto the road just as I was approaching at speed! Not much I could do but brake hard and shout stuff to these stupid mutts, most fell off the side of the hill but some decided to play chicken, damn sheep. Martin found all this very amusing, to the point of nearly laughing so hard he fell off!!  At the bottom we stopped for drinks and chatted to some more cyclists doing end to end, they started at the top and therefore all downhill and down wind. The last 20 miles were tough as my energy was shot and the knee started giving me big jip, so the day done, apparently that is the last hard day. We will see!!! An excellent b&b with a friendly helpful host. Missing Nats and the kiddies copious amounts, each day is one nearer to them.
Tomorrow, Scotland!

Cheererrrrriooooo now.
28/4/2011 07:16:14 am

I have reported you to the Sheep Protection Society so you should be hearing from them soon!!! Baaaaa!

Well done, Baby Bro. I'm super impressed and very proud. Hang on in there.

28/4/2011 07:20:54 am

another day gone, you both must feel really pleased with the way things are going. What i admire is inspite of all the hard work etc you can see the beauty of it all around you. Thanks so much for the pici of Martin, that is one for the journal!!!proud mumxxxxxxxxxxxx

28/4/2011 09:08:35 am

was a pleasure to meet you guys at the spread eagle today.
such an amazing thing you are both doing. i wish you all the best on your journey.


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