To put today into perspective for the people of Gloucester, birdlip hill is a climb of about 700 ft from the carvery roundabout. We climbed the equivalent  of birdlip 10 times and rode for 65 miles. To say today was a snorter is no exaggeration. The good thing was the weather was top draw so a lot of the views were stunning especially on top of dartmoor. Today's blog is short as I'm knackered and martins notebook is about to be lobbed out the window so I'm typing on my phone. If tomorrow is a better day, I will update and edit. Just for the record, I did hey Jude on the karaoke last night!! Havnt done that for a few years!

Cheeerriooo now

23/4/2011 07:57:43 am

I can't decide if I'm more impressed with your bike riding or your karaoke singing! Well done for both!!!


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