We wandered out for a meal at a local pub and then back to the room early.  I woke in the night dripping wet with sweat - I think was body was telling me it didn't like what I did to it yesterday.  It took me a while to get going, but after the customary athlete's breakfast and a few coffees I was ready to go.

Now several factors combined to make this a much better day's cycling.  Firstly we were lower down, so the wind effect was less pronounced.  Secondly, the wind was a bit lower, thirdly the wind had changed direction a bit from North Easterly to Easterly and finally, we were heading west for a lot of the day, so we would have the wind behind us for the first time.

We set off and immediately things felt better.  We passed through Annan (or Koffi as Ian called it) and were going well.  The surface was great.  We kept going steadily and as the first hour ticked over, we had done 17.2 miles.  This was better!  

We rolled into Dumfries and took the cyclepath into town.  It looked pretty but we decided to crack on whilst things were going well.

After a while, we turned off the A road onto a narrow lane and suddenly were surrounded by cyclists.  We were on the route of the Drumlanrig Sportive.  They surged past us on the uphill sections and then we saw the sign in the pic.  The sign, plus a bunch of racing cyclist was like a red rag to a bull for me.  I picked up the pace and then used all the descending skills and knowledge I had (I shut my eyes and hung on tight) and descended like a good'un, I went flying past plenty of riders and was loving it.

I carried on for a while and then went through (Keir Mill I think) a small village where we were cheered as part of the race!  We turned off the race route and through more lanes.  Our route then took us onto a cyclepath through the grounds of Drumlandrig Castle.  As we rode through we saw that this was the start/finish point for the sportive.  A piper was playing and there were cyclists everywhere.  We stopped for a break and enjoyed all the refreshments plus borrowed a track pump to pump our tyres up.

We started off again, and again were on the route of their afternoon session (another 32 miles to give them a 100 mile route).  It was a beautiful route along wooded lanes and after an exhilarating descent, it followed the river for a while before joining the A76.

We flew for the last 14 miles to our remote B&B and arrived before 4pm which made a nice change.

We rode 71.66 miles at an average moving speed of 14.7mph and climbed 2,445 feet.


Drumlanrig Castle


Castle Exit

30/4/2011 03:21:58 am

This is much more comfortable reading, Martin!! I can't imagine how much better you both must be feeling today! I loved the mental image you gave me of you both joining in the cycle race! Have a great evening. xxx

30/4/2011 03:48:26 am

Sounds like a fun day. Glad the wind was kinder and as result you had a higher ave speed. The stats were very interesting.
We have just been to "Guys & Dolls" at the Bath Theatre Royal. A fine show.

30/4/2011 04:02:04 am

As promised my song of the day, after reading the post this was the feeling I got radiating from your blog.
Lionel Richie - Dancing on the ceiling.

You managed to hit your stride today, hopefully the next few days will be as lovely as today.

Thinking of you both xx

30/4/2011 04:48:08 am

my song for today, "Side by side" hope you were sometimes hows the sweats todayyou both write very interesting & amusing blogs, something for the grandchildren to be proud of when they are older xxxxxxxxx

30/4/2011 05:39:34 am

Well, I'm loving reading the blogs and comments. Keep the comments coming Anna - you crack me up! :)

Keep up the fab job! Look after my man Martin! x

oldest niece
30/4/2011 06:47:08 am

Good grief ur very poetic y'know, ur writing is brilliant. What a journey, damn wind, but great descents, and tasty food. Good job u have a comedian riding with u.
I started spinning classes a while back and nearly threw up after.... u must be soooooo fit, keep it up. I'm amazed!

Em x


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