If yesterday was the best day, today was by far the worst.  We woke this morning
after a good night sleep to see the weather, it was blowing a gale!  We had
a lovely athletes breakfast and went on our way.  

The first 10 miles or so were all up hill through stunning countryside. We truly live in a beautiful country.  The wind was an issue but we cracked on none the less.  First stop after 33 miles was Appleby in westmoreland where they have the gypsy fair.  A pleasant lunch and on our way.
It has to be said that the next 35 miles were by far the hardest mentally I have ever ridden. The wind was so strong into us that even downhill in the easiest gear, I had to pedal! The hills were so tough that it was all you could do to stay on the bike! It is hard to explain how tough it was, after a few more miles I started getting frustrated and shouting at things, especially place signs with miles on them.  There was one that kept saying the same mileage on, then a few miles later, it still had the same miles on it, well I lost it and had a head off shouting at the stupid sign.  Martin had a laughing fit so bad that he had to pull over because he nearly fell off!
We struggled on and even the fields were against us, the wind was blowing dust  and mud off the fields into our path and eyes.  We decided to travel on to
Brampton, they were having a street party so we rode straight thru to find a  cafe. We found one and perfect it was. We both ordered lentil soup with bread that was to die for.  It really did pick our spirits up in a big way. We had 15 miles to go and we had the wind behind us for most of it. We smashed it up and flew, Martin put the hammer down and I couldn't catch him but we did it, 15 miles in about 45 minutes, tidy!  We stopped and congratulated each other by the Scotland sign and took pics.


So, in Scotland and a day closer to being with my loved ones. A nice picture of beautiful blossom, that cheered me up, it reminded me of my perfect wife Nats.  xx

29/4/2011 07:09:06 am

I don't know.how you do it Ian. Absolutely fab.
I am so proud of you both. Keep it up!

29/4/2011 07:10:25 am

you cant beat lentil soup! It must have been tough for you to have to pedal down hill! What lovely pics of Dylan on face book today, Speak tomorrow Love you both am so proud ( & amazed at how you keep going)xxxxxxxxxxxxx

29/4/2011 07:43:41 am

A beautiful picture - thanks love!
Dylan is missing his daddy and would like to go out on his bike when you get back. I asked if he would like to choose something else to do that didn't involve a bike, but sorry, he still wants to go out on his bike.

You're doing great - I'm on countdown now! Be careful and love you very much XXX

29/4/2011 08:05:33 am

What... No shops to take a picture of so u chose blossom - aww. I looked out the window and what did I see?

Keep it up Noz - can't comprehend how tough this must be - but you are doing yourself (& us) proud. Love the Aitchisons x

29/4/2011 08:19:30 am

I've never even heard of anyone having to cycle downhill like that before. Are you going to write a book??? You must be so proud of what you are achieving.

Pete's at work tonight, but he will no doubt be pleased to hear that someone else shouts at inanimate objects!!

Debbie Tartaglia
29/4/2011 06:15:36 pm

well done chaps :-) not too far now!! keep it up and pedal hard!!! Xx

Simon T
29/4/2011 07:37:24 pm

Good work, yesterday. Remember who's the boss... I'm hoping it's a recovery day today. But if it's not, don't worry, it'll be over by tonight.



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