It was great to be home with Nats and the kids last night, I miss them very much. Today has been quite hard mentally leaving them again and also physically as we rode 80 miles, that is the furthest I have ridden. We left my house in Gloucester with Wayne Gardner in tow and mike, one of Martin's colleagues. He
had a little trouble finding the house so we met him around the corner.

Guess what, the wind was against us again and a little stronger today, ho hum! Wayne left us after 15 miles to get back to work. So after a quick break, we got to Worcester, the garmin sat nav took us around the estates and back to where we first turned off, great! After some directions from a passer by, back on route
with no more grief....,yet!

We stopped in bewdley and had a cracking sandwich in a coffee lounge called Piccolo's. 50 miles complete 25 ish left to do. So,
we only had a route planned to Bridgnorth as Martin said, get us to Bridgnorth, I'll get us to Telford! Well, after a few wrong turns and copious map reading, we find the right road to Ironbridge. A stunning place with loads of history. 

The obligatory photo by the bridge then to the Park Inn in Telford. We have a book called top 100 climbs in the uk. There is a climb in Ironbridge that is in the book called jiggers bank, we thought it would be rude not to do it, so more steep hills under the belt! Martin and Mike were great to ride with today and we all shared wind duty which was good.

The hotel have been great giving us free a room each and an evening meal. We are grateful!

So day five done and dusted, time for a kip!
26/4/2011 08:15:20 am

Well done, Bro. It must have been hard to leave the family this morning. Just remember that when you get home next week, you won't have to leave them all again. xx

26/4/2011 08:28:23 am

What a fine day to cycle over 80 miles and even include some diversions. I really am impressed with your dogged determination. Pleased that the knee is holding up.

27/4/2011 02:02:45 am

Hi Ian,

Took me 5 days to find your blog, was thinking I would have to drive down to Cornwall and find you just so that I could get the blog info!


Loving the blog (blown away by the photo of Milly btw).

Mike (my bro) says the worst is over and the rest will be plain sailing and fewer evil hills so you can start each day smiling now.


Happy Happy Sue

27/4/2011 06:22:01 am

Glad you enjoyed being near Worcester! Its lovely around Malvern,

Update for today please!

Hope you are looking after Pa, not that I'm suggesting he's old or anything...................

Much love xx


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