What really gets on my nerves is when people/celebrities on these rubbish reality shows say at the end "Its been a rollercoaster of emotions and such an amazing journey!"  So just to ridicule myself, i have added this title!! (I also love the song "amazing journey by The Who)

 I have been home for a few days with the family and have chance to take stock of our "Amazing Journey". So many things happened and so many beautiful sights, its hard to know where to start! The drive home was great, no traffic and we arrived home at 2.00pm. There were welcome home "you did it, congratulations" banners on their house which was great, wendy was waiting outside for Martin, and Rob and I waited in the car to give them the time that they both deserved. It was lumpy throat time and so natural to see. I wished i could be with Nats at that time but knew my time would come.  A few of the neighbours came to congratulate us and we were awarded Medals that was a great touch. We all went into the back garden to chill and wait for Dad Mason to pick me up. About an hour later, the doorbell rang, so i opened the door, and who was there, Nats. It was such a lovely surprise and perfect to hold her again. Another lumpy throat moment! 

We said our goodbyes to Martin and wendy and went home. It was so good to see the kids and I couldnt believe how much Milly had grown in 2 weeks.

So back to normality, what did i get from this trip apart from saddle sores!! Well, I have gained moments that i will never forget, i have gained an inner belief that i thought i had but i now KNOW.  I also know that sometimes we have to tell our minds not to give up, even if our bodies want too. There were times where giving up was by far the easiest option, the mental and physical torture of Day 2 will live with me forever, however, the determination to carry on will also.  A few people mentioned the Lance Armstrong quote "Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever", this quote was on my mind often and i knew i had to live by it. 
I also got a fresh sense of beauty of our country. Each day gave us beauty, some more than others but we truly have a stunning country. The weather was also fantastic which enabled us to see it in all its glory. We were very fortunate to only have an hours worth of rain, BUT, we did have 14 days worth of Wind in our face! It made the task a lot more difficult. The few occasions we had wind behind, it was pure bliss and our Average mph speed went up a lot. Day 8 was by far the hardest day for the wind and on occasions became dangerous, it was my worst day by far. On the flip side, my best day was Day 11. The spell from Rannoch Moor to Glencoe will forever be with me, the scenery, the cycling, it was perfect.

What will stay with me the most though is the time i was able to spend with my big Bruv. We had 14 days of laughs, songs and memories, we are very similar in most ways, he is more competitive than I and if there was a challenge in front of him, he would embrace it and genuinely smash it. I admire that. We never had a cross word with each other and just enjoyed being with each other. If there was a problem, we would overcome it together. Jobs a good un!

The togetherness of the family was great and everyone chipped in. This blog has been such a good idea, the comments we receieved helped very much and is something that we will always be able to look back on.

So in conclusion, would i do it again?..... No, we have done it the right way.    Would i change anything?..... No, spot on, the route, weather etc. I would have had cycling tops made with our charity on and what we were doing, apart from that, no.

I feel i should thank a few people who made the trip what it was, Firstly Nats, for backing, supporting and allowing me to take the time to go and train, secondly Simon, for encouraging me every day and giving me genuine and of course sarcastic advice. Thirdly my family for all their constant support and love and lastly, Martin, for helping me and spending 2 great weeks together.

An Amazing Journey!!

Is thattt youuuuu Rabbbbbb!!??

Cheerrrriooo now.

8/5/2011 07:31:10 am

Don't ever doubt yourself again, Baby Bro, You've more than proved you can do anything you put your mind to. You are a Norris, after all!!

Well done to both of you and to Natalie and Wendy as well. It would have been interesting to have read their daily blogs!!

Be proud of your achievements and now enjoy your time with your families. xx

8/5/2011 06:31:25 pm

I stand all amazed at the courage you have displayed in this truly epic ride. You have so obviously learned a lot about yourself and discovered the beauty of this country of ours.
You have enhanced the family name and I thank you for that and hope that you will be able to use the experience to improve your life.

8/5/2011 10:21:46 pm


8/5/2011 10:33:02 pm

I can imagine ur sweet reunion.
I'm so proud of u and what u've achieved. I love sports and u n mart r a perfect example of setting a BIG goal and doing it. Salutations and appreciation for including us to read about it. Huge congratulations ;)

tony bernard
9/5/2011 06:11:34 am

Hi Guys,
Well done,you have joined an elite group of people!I'm hoping to join next month :-) I have enjoyed reading your blog & have gained more confidence about my trip next month. Hope your backsides are recovering!
Kind regards,

oldest niecey
9/5/2011 07:21:40 am

You NEVER cease to amaze me. I am thrilled for you that u have trained hard and succeeded this enormous task. Norris blood is QUALITY.... QUALITY! You are remarkable indeed. I thank u 4 ur time in writing ur blog too, I felt a small part of your journey and revelled in your experiences.

So life continues now as do ur memories.

Love Em x

rach & chris
9/5/2011 07:46:51 pm

We've loved the blogs and Chris has enjoyed reminiscing to his fitter, younger days!!! What an emotional and physical journey....the blogs have had us in stitches and are super proud of your determination..truly committed. Brilliant.....

9/5/2011 10:02:16 pm

Read your E-mail love mum

15/6/2011 04:43:34 am

Dave Percival
15/6/2011 04:53:45 am

Hello Lads, I hope you get to read this soon. Yep its me dangerous Dave!! I don`t know where the "dangerous" came from Ha Ha. I was over the moon so to say, when I got to John O`groats and saw your entry in the book in the cafe. Very well done to the both of you for "cracking" the ride. I`ve read your blogs and I am sorry I never heard you shout out at Mellor. Please get in touch (I hope you have access to my e-mail address) I would love to hear from you. Best wishes to both of you and all your family
Dave AKA Dangerous Dave


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