"So is my bag in the boot then?" " Ummmm, didnt you give me the bag to take in the house? No, in the car! Oh ****, its in Warwick!!!"

So Rob, the legend that is our designated driver has no overnight bag(with kindle in), Martin left it at his house! Hence the name, Commando KIndle!! Poor Rob.......
Apart from the attempted left foot brake attempt by Rob that left me with An audi seat stuck to my forehead, we had a great trip down, missed most of the Bank holiday traffic so that is one less thing for me to moan about as i hate traffic with a passion.

We arrived in Penzance and found the B&B and took our bags in, well martin and I did! We found a Pub that served steak so we thought it would be rude not too! After some drinks and food we chatted and the story of the night is one when martin played football in Manchester and the centre forward on his team was shot at with an air rifle, but the lad who shot at him, missed and hit the centre back who was the brother of the person shooting the forward, absolute comedy gold!!

Tomorrow we start for real, we are both really looking forward to the challenge but are very positive.

We are thankful for all who have donated and we have reached £2055 for our charity, many many thanks.

Today is my 4th wedding anniversary and i'm in Penzance and not with Nats, It goes to show the sacrifice that we all have to make. I think the mental hardship of not being with my family will be harder than the physical torment of 1000 miles, i may change my mind by the end though!
So, Happy 4th anniversary to Nats its been kool and the gang!

Cheeriooooo now.

Natalie Norris
21/4/2011 07:25:28 am

Enjoy every minute! Happy 4th Anniversary :) XXX

21/4/2011 06:49:52 pm

Very interesting Ian. Seems as though you didn't have your seat belt on when Rob braked. Oh dear!!!! Hope all goes well on your 1st. day.

21/4/2011 09:01:43 pm

Good luck to both of you and to Paul for the first few days. See you on Sunday at Axbridge.
Love the blogs - will read every day! xx


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