Well, we are finally here.  It seemed to take a long time coming, and then suddenly here we are all in a rush.  I did my final packing this morning and then Rob arrived about noon to drive down to pick Ian up and then on to Penzance.  I said my farewells to Wendy and hid the lump in my throat as I went out to the car with Rob.

We made good progress down to Gloucester, and Ian was waiting for us as we pulled up.  We packed Ian's bags in the boot and then as we checked he'd put everything in, Rob said, "I'm not sure I can see my bag".  Ummm, you mean the bag that I picked up from you and for some strange raeson took into my house and left with Wendy?   Yep, that would be the one!  Poor old Rob, doing us the biggest favour in the world and I leave his bag in Warwick.  Of course I felt a tiny bit bad - but not bad enough to stop winding Rob up about it for the rest of the day.  I even offered to stop in Morrison's and but him some new pants, Kindle and Ipod!  As we walked about Penzance, we came up with the phrase "all the gear... but it's not here".  We found that hilarious - I'm sure it loses a bit in the translation!
So, this is the picture of Ian and me outside our B&B in Penzance.  It is the Torwood House, which is a comfortable place with a friendly landlady.  Ian and I are in room 6, which is my Lucky number and Rob is downstairs.

As you can see, we don't have a lot of hair between us.  I had mine sliced today and have to say it feels good.

Once we'd sorted our rooms out, we wandered down to the seafront (about 3 minutes away) and then into town for some dinner.  We smelt the salt of the sea and looked out at it for a few minutes just enjoying where we were.

We both realise how lucky we are in many ways and also are grateful to our partners who are left at home.

Tomorrow we ride!

21/4/2011 07:14:35 am

Ride safe darling x


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