We have been planning to do the Land's End to John O'Groats ride for 8-9 months now - and finally we are cracking on with all the detailed planning.  We've picked the rough route and are now sorting where we will sleep each night, then we can get the exact routes mapped and transferred onto our Garmin GPS's (we both have Garmin Edge 705 units).

We've selected the charity that we want to support, and the JustGiving page is set up. 

Rob Lusher from work (Fujitsu) has offered to take us to Land's End and pick us up at John O'Groats which is absolutely brilliant.

So now all we have to do, is get the training in.  I got up to 67 miles a while ago, but following a lay-off, feeling under the weather over Christmas, I'm building back up again.  I did 43 miles this weekend - once I get to 75, the plan is to reduce the miles and get used to riding with the fully packed panniers, then increase the mileage again.  I'm coping fine with the miles fitness-wise, my main concern is staying injury free.  It's much harder for Ian, as he has the added dimension of a newborn and a lively 2 year old! 

If you are interested in seeing how much pain we are putting ourselves through, check out our future blog entries - and of course follow our progress as we actually do LEJoG, when we plan to update this site daily.


26/1/2011 01:20:26 am

I still can't quite believe that my two younger brothers are doing this mammoth undertaking. I am very proud of you both. I'll be keeping an eye on this blog to check it's really happening and not one of those occasions when 'Big Sis' is duped by one or other of you (only joking!!).


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