This week has been very frustrating, I have not been able to do any training after our 70 mile ride sunday.  I enjoyed the 70 mile dress rehersal and was very pleased with my overall fitness and how the panniers and bike handled. The route was a good guide to how an average day on LEJOG will be. I did however mis judge a hill section that didnt look too bad on the map and elevation guide! Perhaps this will also be similar the the route! Unfortunately, i have managed to injure my knee. The pain for the last 20 miles was nearly unbearable but i'm hopefull that the hospital visit today for physio will help. Regardless, i WILL be completing this trip.

Thanks to all who have donated so far, we are nearly at £800 so thank you, to those who havn't yet, plenty of time to donate, dont be shy!!

Cheerrioooo nowwww.

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